Happylegs® Prime with Remote Control

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New Model in White with Remote Control

  • The seated walking machine with 3 Speeds. European innovation, made in Spain and medically proven. 
  • We launch a new model in white with remote control. 
  • Its automatic movement of Happylegs exercises your legs naturally.
  • This passive exercise, reduces visibly swollen legs, knees and feet in 2-3 weeks of use.
  • The only one system with medical Studies confirm its effectiveness as treatment against a sedentary life.
  • The fastest, a 55% noiseless, finest and durable system Worldwide with 5 Years of Warranty. 
  • Special Price (249£ and with 21% VAT Included). Free shipping to UK and Ireland in 5- 6 days.

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Happylegs® Prime Model with 3 Speeds and Remote Control

Happylegs is the only one patented passive workout solution with 3 Speeds and 5 years of Warranty. We launch a new model in white with remote control set included. Its automatic movement helps to alleviate discomfort and pain in the legs caused by poor circulation and inactivity. Thanks to its powerful motor, Happylegs strengthens the muscles of your legs without effort. It can reduce swollen legs, cold feet, back and knees pain. The only one machine medically proven to increase circulation, in a natural way without EMS or contraindications.

Happylegs is the quietest and the faster machine Worldwide. Steps in the 3 speeds per 1 hour: Speed in 9V: 3120 Steps x 1 hour; in 12V: 3960 Steps x 1 hour and in 15V: 5040 Steps x 1 hour. Indicated as treatment to persons with pacemaker, reduced mobility, diabetes, overweight, venous chronicle and neurological diseases .

Only Happylegs has medical studies and it is made in the UE (Spain). We don’t manufacture to another trademarks.











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