Walk and Move your Legs while from the comfort of your Chair!

Would you like to profit all the time while you are sitting?

1.30 h using Happylegs = 1h walking!

While you work

To spend so many hours sitting down causes significant problems with circulation return and to your health. But … Why don’t we reverse this situation?  You can Move your legs while working with Happylegs!

While you study

No matter how old you are, if you are studying, you spend much more hours than you should sitting on the chair. Since you can’t fix it, Why don’t you use all these hours to move your legs and correct your posture?

While you rest

In our day-to-day lives, we carry out a multitude of activities while sitting down: reading, watching television, sewing, drawing, playing video games, talking with friends … What if you could do what you love while taking care of your health?





#I'm original

Happylegs ® is the authentic seating walking machine ®

How does it work?


Step 1.

You sit down and put your feet on the pedals.


Step 2.

You can choose and select the speed that best suits your taste among 16 different speeds.  


Step 3.

Let your legs move to the rhythm of Happylegs, without any effort, improving your posture and taking advantage of all the benefits of a passive exercise that stimulates your blood circulation return. 


1.30 h using Happylegs = 1h walking!

Clinically proven benefits for people of all ages.

Happylegs is an automatic legs exerciser that provides its users with all the benefits of passive movement of the legs:

– As it Improves blood circulation thanks to the movement of your legs, it prevents consequently the appearance of vascular diseases such as varicose veins and thrombosis.

– Strengthens your leg muscles and prevents the appearance of cellulite.

– Improves your sitting position, it is ergonomic.

– Helps to combat lumbar, legs and back pain.

– Prevents the symptoms of tired legs.

– Fights sedentary lifestyle : Take advantage of every moment you are sitting down to move your legs actively, constantly and without effort.

– Improve restless leg syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome.

– 1.30 h using Happylegs = 1h walking.

– Every minute using Happylegs, there is a waste of 5 calories.

– With no contraindications or side effects of any kind.

Delivery by UPS in 2-3 working days to Europe

What are the opinions and experiences of our customers?

Robert, 56 years old

“I have been working in an office for many years. I spend many hours sitting down and when I get up, I feel tired. Since I’ve been using Happylegs while working, I no longer have tingling in my legs and I don’t get cramps. I recommend it to all office workers.”

Katie, 26 years old

“I’m studying for the nursing examinations, I spend many hours in front of my notes and end up sitting with bad posture. I got Happylegs as a present and I’m really happy with it. I sit up straight, do not cross my legs, my back doesn’t hurt and my legs feel much better – now I make twice as much use of my time!”

Karol, 72 years old

“My grandchildren saw Happylegs and gave it to me for my birthday. At my age, I spend a lot of time sitting on my armchair, reading and watching TV. Not moving is very dangerous for my health because I don’t activate my circulation. Also, at the end of the day, my legs were very tired. Honestly, I noticed the all benefits of Happylegs, the seating walking machine from the first week”.